About Skin Tyte II:

Skin Tyte is a technology used for performing similar, targeted and in-depth heating to coagulate the skin cells in triggering the skin collagen to contract and re-structure. The turnout time is very less and the patients can be back to routine immediately. Additionally Skin Tyte is available in either JOULE platform system or as a standalone BBL making it very cost effective. Radiance Medispas is the only medical center in India to use a Sciton BBL.


Skin Tyte is a skin tissue heating technology available in the market, which is safe for any of the skin type. With the help of Skin Tyte, patients can heal any affected area of the body to get the improvement. This allows patients to get tighter and youthful skin. Skin Tyte device uses the laser light energy to heat the skin tissues from the depth along with protecting the skin area with sapphire contact cooling. The heating allows the skin tissue to coagulate leading to skin tightening and heal within the natural process. After the treatment is done, new collagen is formed resulting into firmness of the skin.

Technology with Science:

Skin Tyte is the amalgamation of technology with the science. In this process, Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas use advanced technology of laser therapy to heat the deep skin protecting the epidermis treated, for security and comfort. No Anaesthesia is used to perform the laser therapy as the laser light energy is quickly delivered in the skin tissue leading to skin contraction and coagulation triggering the natural healing process of the body. The process takes few seconds with almost no pain. A new collagen is created after the treatment gets over, allowing the skin to tighten.

Skin Tyte technology is large in spot size (15x45 mm) with quick repetition rate allowing you to treat more number of patients in limited time. Doctors can treat smaller area easily with the help of magnetic Adapters available in three small sizes – 15x15 mm, 11 mm and 7mm.

The thermo electric monitor, which is integrated in the system, let the sapphire sensors to constantly maintain the temperature ranging from 0 degree to -30 degree, which is again adjustable. This makes the process smooth and comfortable for the patients.

Skin Tyte II is not only superior in value but also durable making your practice not harmed by any consumables. The dual lamp is designed uniquely and with precision making the life of the lamps longer.



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