Laser-Assisted Lipolysis


The Laser Assisted Lipolysis treatment is based upon photo thermal, where selected photothermia appears when high beam light energy gets vapour up due to fat converting into the heat energy. The high light beam is used to transmit the adipoctypes via laser fiber.These adipoctypes helps in absorbing the laser energy resulting into reduction in the volume. Laser Assisted Lipolysis is primarily a Photo thermal process where water is used to absorb the energy raising the temperature of the affected area. This lead to contraction of the skin layers and has skin collagen restricting. In the affected space, the laser light is passed via thin fibres. The lower skin area is heated with temperature being 5 to 8 degree on higher side than prevailing on the skin surface. The skin cell tightening is done via coagulation with internal temperature being 40 to 42 degrees.



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* Disclaimer: Person following our program, Results varies from person to person and case to case as per there Metabolic rate,Commitment,age,lifestyle & Medical history.

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