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Skin Discoloration / Pigmentation:

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Skin discoloration is a widespread skin problem, caused most frequently by exposure to sunlight, thus leading to dark patches on parts of the skin. These patches occur due to a pigment produced by the skin called Melanin; the variation in the levels of Melanin in the skin causes discolouration. Melanin shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays by absorbing it. However, excessive melanin production results in excessive discolouration.Lighter skinned persons are more susceptible to skin discolouration and cancer, although everyone is prone to it.

Common forms of skin discoloration include freckles, melasma, and age spots:


Freckles are clustered melanin, mostly found on people with a lighter complexion, on the arms and face. Genetics and exposure to the sun are the common causes for freckles. The ultraviolet rays activate increased melanin production, leading to darker, more visible freckles. Thus, individuals with freckles are often advised about steering clear from prolonged exposure to the sun and using a sunscreen. Although harmless, and not necessitating any treatment, freckles can lead to dissatisfaction about oneself. Thus, at Radiance, we provide skin pigmentation treatment for freckle-fading.

Melasma ("Pregnancy Mask"):

Melasma or ‘Pregnancy Mask’, as it’s commonly called is a tan or dark skin discolouration; found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lips or forehead. Melasma is predominantly associated with women, especially pregnant women or those taking oral contraceptives or hormonal medications. It is thought to be a stimulation of production of excessive melanin pigment, triggered by the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, on exposure to sunlight. In most instances, Melasma is likely to disappear after delivery or ceasing of pills or medications.
In the likelihood of it persisting, Radiance provides proprietary therapy MelaGlow 1 or 2 for its treatment.

Age Spots:

Age spots are blemishes on the skin, and are black, brown or flat gray in colour. They’re caused by aging and by exposure to ultraviolet rays.
For more information, please refer to the ‘Age Spots’ tab under ‘Medical Conditions’, of our website.

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