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Mole Removal in Bangalore

Mole Removal in Bangalore

Moles, also called as Nevi medically, are clumps of pigmented cells that appear as black or brown spots on the skin. They materialize when cells, called Melanocytes-which are responsible for the skin’s natural colour, do not spread evenly but grow in clumps on the skin. Moles are thus darker than the natural colour, and on further exposure to sunlight or during pregnancy, may darken more. Moles are also prone to hair growth on them.

Lighter skinned people tend to be more susceptible to it than those with darker skin, and can have an average of 10 to 40 moles spread on their body.

Moles usually are benign; however it’s crucial to know the type of mole growth to spot any signs of Melanoma-the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Types of Moles:

There are several types of moles, with risks of some advancing into Melanoma more significant than others.

Congenial Mole:

Congenial moles are moles that an individual has since birth, with about 1 in 100 people being born with it. Ranging in size, colour and shape, they’re generally larger than 20 centimetres. Congenital moles have a more significant risk of developing into Melanoma.

Atypical Mole:

Medically known as Dysplastic Nevi, they’re generally bigger than the average size of one fourth inch and are asymmetrically shaped. Containing uncommon or uneven colours; atypical moles are hereditary and have a substantial threat of growing into Melanoma.

Acquired Mole:

Acquired moles occur after birth. They’re usually safe; however an occurrence of more than 50-100 moles can put an individual at risk for Melanoma.


Our clinic provides mole removal treatment in Bangalore. To check if a mole is malignant, a sample of the tissue is taken. If the result is positive, an excision of the entire mole and its surrounding tissues is performed. A similar procedure is carried out for cosmetic purposes of mole removal, which is generally pain-free and common.

There are two prescribed methods for mole removal depending upon the type.

One method called the “shave excision”, which is mostly used for smaller moles, is where the space around the mole is numbed, cut around and beneath, and is thus removed by using a small blade. This procedure does not involve any stitches.

The other method called the “excision surgery”, which is mostly used to eliminate prospective malignant moles, is where the mole and space around it, is cut and removed, using a scalpel. This procedure necessitates stitches to seal the skin back.


The most effective method to recognize possible problems is to know the pattern and placement of moles, and examine them regularly. When examining your moles, consider the “ABCDE” method of self-assessment, which is:

1) "A" A- Asymmetrical shape. Identify moles with such shapes. Example- two dissimilar halves.
2) "B" B-Border. Identify moles with unbalanced, ragged or hazy borders; it’s generally a feature of Melanoma.
3) "C" C-Colour. Identify moles that do not have an even colour throughout, and have shades of brown, black, blue, white or red.
4) "D" D-Diameter. Identify moles that have a size larger than that of an eraser of a pencil.
5) "E" E-Evolution. Keep a track of growth of the mole over a period of time, such as its shape or colour.

If any of such inconsistencies are identified in your mole; a medical evaluation is necessitated.

To prevent any malignant moles, avoidance of the sun during peak hours, application of sunscreen, and exposure of any moles to sunlight is advised.

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