Hair Tranplant

Radiance Medispas proudly introduces iBio Fue Ⓡ hair transplants (a unique technique) with optimized results and available only at selected top 10 hair transplant clinics in India.

It’s Quick

It’s Comfortable

It’s painless

And it’s Safe

With best optimized results/growth

What is Hair Transplantation?

 Hair transplant is a medical procedure wherein the hair follicles (with roots) are extracted from back side of the head (which are strong and immune) by a controlled skilled process (technique) and implanted thereafter on to the bald areas one by one. These implanted hairs will grow as your natural hair. One can trim, shave, colour these hairs just like your normal hairs and they grow naturally.

What is the life of this transplanted hair?

These hairs will have a very long life. Normally a whole lifetime. Technically these hairs will last as long as you have hair at backside of head and normally back side hairs are permanent and they don’t die for lifetime.

What are the extraction techniques available in hair transplants?

  1. FUT (strip method) - A 30 cm cut and minimum 30 stitches with a life long scar at backside of head.
  2. FUE (unit extraction) -

    a) Normal FUE: Grafts are taken one by one and implanted. But there will be a hole mark of 1 mm for each extraction at back side of head. (DHI, NEOGRAFT, CHOI etc).

    b) iBioFue Ⓡ - Latest advancement in FUE. Advantages explained below.

What is iBioFue Ⓡ ? *

iBioFue * ..it’s smart *improvised FUE. Only done by very few selected centers in India.

  1. LATEST European Technology.
  2. BEST Enhanced growth.
  3. Less downtime. Back to NORMAL works in two days.
  4. Perfectly CLEAN donor for future transplants.

Normal Fue:

  1. Low quality local punches used
  2. Donor area will have marks.
  3. Healing takes time
  4. Normal growth.

Procedure duration :

6 hours

Patient comfort

Almost like watching a movie on a recliner. But a boring movie though. Back to your BAU in just 2 days.

Patient safety

Lot safer than a dental procedure.

Clinic standards

European standards and protocols followed

Procedure results:

It takes 4 months to start noticing growth and by 6-8 months you can appreciate growth for frontal & midscalp. For crown vertex areas it takes another 3-4 months extra.

Why choose Radiance Medispas?

Radiance clinic is owned & run by a doctor. European standards. Highly skilled team. Clean ambience. Highly sterile OTs, execution partner for iBioFue Ⓡ, easily accessible in the heart of the city @ Leela Palace (a 7 star facility). Established medical tourism from 20 countries, global safety protocols followed. Patient satisfaction & quality assured. In short a dream destination for your hair transplantation.


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