Chemical Peels:

Chemical Peel therapy is done for treating face Wrinkles, Age spots or any facial acne scar. If any patient is on pre cancer stage displaying symptoms like rough and reddish skin growth then the patient can also opt for Chemical peels.

chemical peels

Various Types of Chemical peels

Chemical peels can be differentiated into three types:

Mild (Light) Chemical peels - The mild Chemical peel technique is used for the treatment of superficial wrinkles.

Medium Chemical Peels - Medium chemical peels is useful for age spots and acne scars or any other skin tissue growth.

Deep chemical peels - Deep Chemical peeling is done when the patient shows severe skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, cancer-leading tissues etc.

Chemical Peel Process

There not much into the process of Chemical Peeling. The process is not time consuming and the results can be seen immediately. In certain cases, results might get delayed. To begin with, doctor at Radiance Medispas cleanses patient’s skin with a cleanser, then with the help of an instrument, the chemical is applied on the face area where chemical peeling is to be done. If there is any excess solution, it is removed and the process is carried out on the other areas as well.

Rejuvenating the skin

The skin needs to be rejuvenated which can be done with the help of Chemical peeling or by laser treatment for removing the wrinkles. The treatment helps in decreasing the visible facial wrinkles, lighten the acne scar marks and smoothing of the skin. The skin rejuvenation therapy can be done separately and with the chemical peel and high light beam technique at the patient’s house. The home treatment is possible after the patient and doctor has discussed and made a treatment plan according to cosmetic needs of the patient. Dermatologists at Radiance Medispas are dedicated in their work guiding you regarding proper skin treatments, which are upgraded, latest and most effective.


The treatment affects differently on each patient. The improvement can be more or less, depending on how the patient skin condition is. There can be seen drastic improvement to the damaged skin making it to be a successful method in cosmetic field. The Chemical peel effects stay for a longer time but need to have the process repeated twice or thrice in a year to retain the effectiveness. The Chemical peel helps you obtain smooth and fresh skin making you look younger.


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