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Lip Augmentation:

non surgical fat removal

History of Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation procedure is not a recent thing. It has been performed since ages. Women of every social or traditional background have tried to apply cosmetic therapies on their lips right from the Primitive Stone Age. The lips are altered to make them appear bigger and look beautiful on the face. In Africa there have been tribal rituals and ceremonies performed by applying various products on the lips to make them fuller.

Lip Enlargement and Enhancement has been one successful process carried out from several decades affecting the overall personality especially rejuvenating the face. Lip Augmentation is done to retain the Lip volume, which gets lost gradually over the time.


There are certain cosmetic treatment deformities, which includes congenital and Acquired Etiologies. Some of the patients may not achieve the expected lip fullness, which they wanted to. There is loss of baby fat on the lips and in the lower face area when the age increases. Hyaluronic acid is one such gel, which lubricates the joints giving a spherical shape and structure. The sugar based fluid supports the skin cell but as age increases this fluid tends to decrease specially on the lower part of the face, mouth corners and lips. Several other factors contributing to aging in face and lips are exposure to sunlight, Skin tanning and pollution due to environment and smoking.

Why to opt for Lip Augmentation?

Everyone wants to look good and if that can happen via cosmetic surgery why not? Some have thin and small lips and they would want their lips to be of a normal or even bigger size according to the symmetry of the face. Some want their lips to be fuller with the aim to provide more volume. Some patients smoke and want their smoking lip line to be corrected, which can be done by Dermatologists at Radiance Medispas through Lip augmentation Treatment.

Lip Augmentation Products and Process

The primary reason for going for Lip Augmentation is loss of baby fat on the lip area or low level of Hyaluronic acid. For that, Radiance Medispas Doctors and surgeons use either Restylane or Juvederm, which provides Hyaluronic acids. Several times Botox or Collagen is used to trip the augmented lip. Even the patient’s own fat can be utilised to restructure the baby fat on the lips. The process is not much painful. An injection is injected at the lip and lower faces area, one a feel a pain similar to that of a sting bite, like any other injections do. Although to avoid the discomfort, doctors use Anaesthesia to avoid the pain. Within a few seconds Lip Augmentation process is carried out and that too painless.

Treatment Side Effects

Common side effects of injecting are swelling of the lips and redness but that would fade away within 24 hours. In rare cases little bruising may appear lasting for some days. To avoid having the bruising it is recommended by doctors to stop the intake of Vitamins or thinners if any used by the patient. As an injection was used in the procedure, the patient may feel a very tiny bump but that would be soon smoothened just as any normal injections bump do.

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