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A revolution made in the field of cosmetics, A treatment done to reverse the affects of wrinkles on the face is called Botox. The lines on the face are termed as dynamic wrinkle lines and have become a past thing. Now all these dynamic lines are treated with the cosmetic procedure BOTOX. It is a process in which Botox is injected in to the tiny face muscles/tissues that form wrinkles.

Prior to Procedure

Before the cosmetic procedure is done, Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas shall look in to your medical history and evaluate it so as to understand your health condition. A full examination will be done to identify most effective area for injecting. They will let you know about all the issues and aftereffets of the procedure. The area would be marked and digital snapshots would be taken to know the improvement after the Botox procedure is done.

Botox Process

Usually Botox is carried out without any Anaesthesia being provided to the concerned person. It is because the procedure is painless like a little insect sting, like any normal injections do. Botox results does not last for a long time, so to maintain it for a longer time, it needs to be carried out twice or thrice in a year. As per the research, injections used for longer term provides long lasting effect of the treatment. Although patients aging 65 years or more may not see the most effective results. It is because Botox is done to create expressing lines and wrinkles and not curing the sagged lined formed because of aging.

Post Procedure instructions

Post Procedure the patient might sense some very little and light bruises but that would quickly fade away. Patient can get back to routine life and perform daily activities on immediate basis. There may be some side effects post the cosmetic procedure, like weakness and rarest would be having droopy eyelids. Any side effect in Botox Treatment is only for certain time only and patient need not worry about it. Doctors at Radiance Medispas will let you know all the risks and side effects when you go for the consultation. He/she will also guide you for what care needs to be taken for sometime after the treatment. Try to avoid the direct sun exposure and use sunscreen lotions to protect your skin. Rest there is no specific care to be taken before or after the Botox is done.


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