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Uneven dark patches spoiling your face! Try out the pigmentation treatments for enhanced results

Beauty! Gorgeous! Attractive! As we say these words usually the hearer feels happy and it is same when some says it to us. Yes, whatever our profession may be or no matter what age group we belong? We prefer to look fresh and present ourselves as good looking before all. But in the fast-moving world, there are factors that prevent us from maintaining that freshness. Stress, changing food habits and pollution are some factors that causes dark spots, acnes and darkening of skins.

Worried about the discoloured and darkened patches on your face? Try the skin pigmentation treatment that makes your skin young and healthy.

How Pigmentation occurs?

Human skin is made of 3 layers namely upper epidermis, second dermis and last layer is hypodermis that has tissue with lobules of fat in it. Melanin is produced in the inner layer of epidermis that gives colour to the skin. This melanin is produced by the melanocyte cells in the epidermis. If these melanin is produced in large amount it leads to development of hyper pigments in skin.

Hyperpigmentation and its types

There are various reasons for the formations of pigments in the skin and each depends on the metabolism of individual.

    • Age spots and photodamage: As the name denotes this type of hyper pigments are common for people over 50 years of age. It is also known as liver spots. Photodamage caused by the over exposition of skin to UV rays from sun.
    • Melasma: Melasma is formation of hyper pigments due to hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy, genetics and environmental factors may lead to this hormonal imbalance.
    • Hyper pigments caused by inflammation: PIPA (Post-inflammatory pigment alteration) is the term given for this post-inflammation hyper pigmentation. Increased blood flow results in this type of pigmentation. Skin injury, rashes, burns and acne may lead to such imbalance in the skin.

    There are diverse forms of skin pigmentation treatment like cosmetic procedure, laser treatments that will be preferred by the expert dermatologists for each kind of hyper pigmentation.

    Treatment options for skin pigmentation

    • Proper skin care – Taking regular care of your skin by washing faces regularly and applying cleanser, toner and moisturizer can repair the overall skin. Regular use of sunscreen will also maintain the level of melanin in skin
    • Skin pigmentation creams to stabilize the melanocytes in the cells and achieve a proper skin tone there are lighteners available with clinics offering pigment treatment in Bangalore and other cities of India. Vitamin C rich lighteners, kojic acid, ferric acid and lactobionic acids are some of them
    • Photo rejuvenation Using intense bright light on the skin to enhance the production of collagen and forming healthier skin cells
    • Chemical peels or masks using chemical peels or masks that removes the dead skin cells on the face and promotes the even skin tone overall
    • Laser treatments Laser resurfacing is another effective method that treats the hyper pigmentation. Target the pigment affected tissues and leave the other surface undisturbed

    Pigmentation treatment for different parts of the body are same but the methods and timing differs accordingly. Face and neck are more sensible compared to other parts and it needs an additional care. So, there are multiple treatments available with the aesthetic clinics in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata offers treatment for skin related diseases. Special customized pigmentation treatment in Bangalore and other parts of India. Choosing the renowned clinic and expert professionals can give you the best in results in treating the skin pigmentation.

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