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Myths About Tattoo Removal

Rethinking about your ink? If you are not fond of your tattoo as much as you were originally, laser tattoo removal in Bangalore is a safe and reliable technique to try out. While undergoing a tattoo removal process, it is recommended to hire services from one of the best, reputed tattoo removal clinics in Bangalore.

 While the laser treatment for tattoo removal is a completely safe and effective way of getting rid of the permanent ink, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the process about what it can & cannot do. If you are looking forward to getting rid of your permanent tattoo using laser treatment, here are some of the common myths we have debunked for you:

#1 Laser Tattoo Removal Causes Scarring

On the contrary, it is highly unlikely to happen so! Unless you tend to have an existing scar on your skin or your skin is prone to scarring easily, laser tattoo removal is not known to cause scarring. The roots of this common myth arise from those having pre-existing scarring.

#2 Laser Removal Treatment can Cause Bleeding

While you might experience pinpoint bleeding (just like while having a tattoo), there is nothing such as heavy bleeding due to laser tattoo removal. Pinpoint bleeding occurs inside the epidermis. As such, there is never an excessive amount of blood after the treatment.

#3 Laser Tattoo Removal is Instant

While laser tattoo removal is considered as a highly effective and safer method for removing your ink, it still takes a couple of sessions to get rid of the ink permanently. Laser tattoo removal can sometimes take months to show effective results. Therefore, you should be patient enough to obtain the desired results.

#4 New Tattoos are Easier to Remove than Old Tattoos

In fact, old tattoos are the easiest to remove using laser treatment. This is because the gradual process of ink fading in old tattoos would require fewer treatment sessions. Moreover, the area gets healed easily and quickly in case of an old tattoo.

Make sure that you visit a reliable laser tattoo removal clinic like Radiance Medispas for safe tattoo removal.

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