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Improve Your Look by Acne Scar Treatments

Looking good and radiant is the dream of every person and everybody tries very hard to make their facial appearance bright and blemish free. However, sometimes the scars left from acne ruins every effort. Acne causes a lot of trouble for all types of skin but especially people who have oily skin. These are very common in the teenage years and persons who have hormonal imbalances.

More about acne scars

Acne can be of two varieties – one leaves a permanent marks and one leaves a mark that gradually fades over time. Some acnes leave flat re-denned spots scar whereas some leave a pock mark on the skin.

What to do to remove the scars?

The worst thing about acne is that they leave behind scars and marks. Nowadays, there are some good acne scar treatment options to remove the scar marks from acne so that one can look beautiful again. One of the best acne scar removal treatment option is the laser treatment. This treatment helps to get rid of the scars or pits from acne.

How does it work?

First of all, a dermatologist needs to evaluate the patient for the acne scars because they can be of different nature like pits, flat red spots, depressed areas, brownish scars and all of these may need a variety of acne scar removal treatment to get rid of.

Saline Injections – every few weeks a series of saline injections is done for a number of sittings till the scars fade away.

Punch grafting – This is a procedure which treats the pitted scars and after about 6 weeks another re-surfacing procedure is used to make the area of the skin smooth.

Dermal Subscision – This is used to cure the saucer type of scars left by acne.

Laser Method – This is very effective method for acne scar treatment and both non-ablative as well as ablative methods are used.

The scars are not much visible after the full course of procedures but it is not expected to be 100% vanished. The best method of treatment varies from person to person and should always be consulted with a skin specialist before one proceeds with the same.

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