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How to treat the acne during pregnancy

Acne is a common problem that pregnant women experience in the first and second trimesters. During this time the glands in the body expand due to the increased hormone levels. It leads to increased production of an oily, waxy substance called sebum, which causes acne. If you are going through this situation, fret not, for managing acne is not very difficult any more. In this blog, we can discuss simple tips for the best treatment of acne, without hurting the unborn baby.

Before going through the various acne scar treatment let us discuss the probable causes of acne in detail.

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Causes of Acne

  • Change in Hormone
  • Change in diet
  • Medication
  • Sweat and stress
  • Genetic pattern

Now that you know the common causes of acne, let’s check out the simple home remedies that you can follow to deal with the problem of acne during your pregnancy.

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Wash face and shampoo hair regularly

Sweat, dust, and pollutants could trigger acne. Also, dust and grime from hair could cause acne breakouts on the forehead and along the hair line. So, the best way to keep them from layering your skin is by washing your face and shampooing your hair regularly with warm water. Use a mild cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, consult your doctor before you use any new products.

Diet rich in Vitamin A

Add milk, egg, fish, carrot and other food items, which contain Vitamin A to your regular diet. It is the best remedy for the skin problems. It removes impurities and keeps the skin healthy and refreshed.

Stop picking and popping pimples

Picking and popping pimples causes scars and also increases pimples on the face. So, no matter how irritated you are or how painful the acne spots are, don’t pick or pop the pimples.

Don’t scrub your face

After your wash your face, use a soft cloth to dab the face dry. Don’t scrub your face using a washcloth as it can lead to more acne breakouts.

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Apart from the home remedies for treating acne, there are many clinical acne scar treatments you can try. If you want to know more about the best clinical treatment for acne, visit Radiance Medispas. We have many professionals to suggest the best remedy for acne that is safe for your unborn child.


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