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Get rid of those acne scars minus the pain

The history

As annoying and ugly acne scars are, their treatment used to be quite a painful procedure with a not-so-easy healing process. But not anymore! With technological advancements and an evolved laser treatment for acne scars in place, getting rid of them is easier now.

Before we describe the best acne treatment in Bangalore available right now, let us check out the evolution of the treatment since the days of yore:

Chemical peels:

1960s were the days of chemical peels which penetrate the deepest layers of skin to treat various skin conditions including acne scars. Their disadvantage is that they leave the skin raw requiring at least a week’s healing time with painful side effects and uncomfortable recovery period.

Collagen injections:

1970s brought with it the use of collagen from various types of animals to alleviate the appearance of acne scars lending the skin a smoother and more natural look.

Excision and punch grafting:

In the 1980s, doctors started performing excisions which removed each acne scar and the skin around it, finally stitching it up. If needed, the procedure would be followed up with a chemical peel for a smoother effect. Punch grafting used a piece of skin from elsewhere on the body, such as behind the ears, which was grafted onto the site from where the acne scar was removed.

Skin needling:

1990s saw the rise of popularity of skin needling from the Chinese culture that used small needles to create tiny wounds on the skin allowing the body to produce collagen and new skin to heal them and thereby reduce the appearance of the acne scars.

Roller needling:

Skin needling evolved and gave rise to roller needling that allowed a cylinder full of small needles to roll across the skin creating puncture wounds to improve collagen production and fill the depressions caused by acne scars.

 Present day

By the mere reading of the aforementioned procedures, you may have gauged the pain and trauma they caused. But with the advent of laser treatment for acne scars, getting rid of ugly skin conditions is quick and comfortable. The best acne treatment in Bangalore involves the use of fractional lasers that are able to target imperfections in the deepest layers of the skin without damaging the surface thereby leaving no evidence of the procedure you have undergone and making the healing process safe and pain free.


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