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Get Rid of Hair Loss with Expert Treatments

Hair fall is an endemic problem for most people nowadays. High levels of pollution, stress, anxiety, hormonal and medical conditions can largely contribute to this problem. If you too are stressed with excessive hair loss, seek immediate treatment. Visit the best hair clinic in Bangalore to treat this problem.

Dermatologists are likely to conduct a physical examination before making a diagnosis. Your past medical and family history may be reviewed to ascertain the actual cause of hair loss. Generally, doctors suggest a blood test, pull test, scalp biopsy and light microscopy test before formulating a treatment plan.

Hair Loss Treatment

best way to treat hair loss

Hair loss can be reversed with treatment. If it is caused due to an underlying medical condition, treatment becomes essential. Different types of medication or therapy may be suggested to stop hair fall. Prescription drugs are also useful in many cases.

Hair Cell Activation Therapy

Hair cell activation therapy is very beneficial for activating dormant hair follicles. It renews and rejuvenates hair growth. Mesotherapy is also preferred by some dermatologists. A tonic enriched with vitamins and minerals is injected into the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and enrich the nutrient base of your hair. It can effectively increase hair growth and drastically reduce hair fall.

Hormonal Therapies

Hormonal therapies are also quite common for women facing severe hair loss due to hormonal issues during menopause or after childbirth. It is also used for people experiencing hair loss after chemotherapy.

Homeopathy and Naturopathy

Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatment is also considered a safe and effective way to stop hair fall. These treatments address the root cause of hair loss and try to get rid of various underlying issues.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical options are explored by dermatologists after considering the severity of the issue. Hair transplant and scalp reduction can successfully treat hair fall problems.

The best hair clinic in Bangalore, Radiance Medispas offers all these treatments along with other customised plans. Find the best dermatologist for hair in Bangalore at Radiance Medispas. We provide the best hair loss treatment in Bangalore in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Get in touch with our specialists for highly effective solutions. Radiance Medispas accepts insurance and offers monthly payment options to clients.


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