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Feeling unhappy about the acne scars? Laser Treatment to restore your healthy skin

“Beauty is god’s handwriting” is an old saying which expresses the importance of being beautiful. All of us want to look charming and fresh before others. Face is the primary thing that expresses our beauty. In this modern world, there are many factors that makes to look your face dull and worn out. Acne scars is one among the factors. This column provides you the details about the laser treatment for acne scars that are available for healing the acne scars.

Acne Scars – Reason for formation and its Types

Acne scars usually develops in face when the outer layer of your skin tries to fix the damage. The body has a natural process to fix the damage to skin by creating collagen. But in some cases, according to the person’s body condition it takes time and develops more collagen to heal the damage to top dermis layer of the skin resulting in acne. Following are the types of acne scars

  • Ice Pick Acne Scars – This scar develops over a large area of the skin but seen with tiny pores that destroys tissues.
  • Boxcar Acne Scars These are bigger than ice pick scars having edges that are raised and have abnormal depression over the skin
  • Rolling Acne Scars Rolling scars are the depressions that are results of damage happened under the skin. This scar has sloping and round edges and hence named rolling scars.
  • Hypertrophic Acne Scars Also known as Keloid scars are formed when the scar tissue forms an additional skin leading to excess collage production.

How Laser Treatment works for removing scars?

Laser Treatment considered as the most effective and quick procedure for acne scar removal rejuvenates the skin. This method helps to repair the skin tissue as it works with the natural systems of the body in protecting and rebuilding the acne scarring. This laser treatment for acne scars uses the intense pulsed light and laser which reaches into the deep part of the top layer skin. The heat produced by this fractional lasers and intense light target the affected skin cells and destroys by making microscopic wounds over the affected tissues.

Repairing the Acne scars with Laser treatments

Lasers used for the healing of acne uses the monochromatic lights that uses narrow band of wavelength. Phototherapy is the common method to remove the blemishes from the skin and it covers the surrounding tissue apart from the target tissue in the skin. Pulsed lasers are used for this type of acne scar removal. Given below are some of the common laser treatments for acne scars.

  • CO2 Lasers – This treatment heals the scarred tissue by emitting the high-energy laser that make the affected tissue get vaporized layer by layer.
  • Frazel Laser – This method stimulates the collagen production in the tissue. The heat produced by this laser doesn’t vaporize tissue but heats the tissue columns in the skin.
  • Pixilation – Advanced skin resurfacing method uses pin sized lasers to treat the acnes. Only affected areas will get treated in this method.
  • Fractional Treatment – Preferred laser treatment for acne scars, fractional laser treatment stimulates the healing of skin tissues in a faster manner and in producing collagen.

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