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5 Things Men Should Know Before They Go for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Men and women find the task of tending to unwanted body hair quite tedious. Men who are tired of trimming, shaving, and waxing unwanted facial or body hair are opting for advanced laser hair removal technology. If you are in a profession that calls for presenting yourself to be well-groomed all the time or if you personally prefer less body hair, laser treatment can be a great time-saving option. In this post, we will help you decide if you should try laser hair removal for men.

      1. The Right Hair Removal Treatment for You: The skin is covered with hair that ranges from very thin hair that is light in color to dark thick hair. A state of the art laser machine is used by a technician to identify each single hair strand and shoot a beam of light killing the pigment and the hair follicle. Compared to other hair removal methods like waxing and shaving where hair may regrow over time, destroying the hair at the follicle level prevents it from growing again to a great extent. The ideal candidate for laser hair treatment is someone who has a fair complexion and darker hair follicles as it is easier to perform the treatment when the hair is clearly visible on the skin.
      1. Facial Grooming & Body Hair: Some men prefer a clean shave, while some prefer to sport a moustache or beard. Laser treatment can take care of your particular facial hair removal needs like creating perfect eyebrow shapes, removing uni-brows, removing hair near the mouth and jawline, or sculpting beard or moustache etc. You can also get rid of unwanted body hair as per your requirements.
      1. Pain tolerance: As laser hair removal technology is constantly evolving, a lot of attention is given to pain management. Laser treatment does not hurt as much as waxing or threading and can be safely done on many parts of the body.  It may feel like a pinprick, but even if you feel discomfort during the first session, you will slowly get used to the procedure. It is important not to miss any sessions as the ultimate results would depend on completing your recommended sessions.
      1. Number of Treatments: the number of treatments may vary from each person. Hair grows in cycles, so your treatment would be scheduled according to the number of hair growth cycles unique to your body. Other factors such as skin color, skin damage if any, medical conditions, etc., will also be considered while planning your treatment. The intensity of the laser treatment may also vary from session to session according to the hair growth seen in the second cycle. Typically, a man’s back and chest area might require 6 to 8 treatment sessions that are spaced two months apart.
      1. Finding the Right Laser: If you are considering laser treatment, Radiance Medispas that uses the best technology lasers can give you the desired results. Some of the latest laser machines used at Radiance Medispas are designed to target even extremely small and thin hair to give your skin a smooth and even appearance.

Make the most of the latest laser hair removal for men by booking an appointment at Radiance Medispas today.

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