Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore
Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore

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Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore

Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore

Chemical peel can be undergone to treat fine lines, skin discolouration, age spots or enlarged pores, which surface due to an improper skin maintenance regime, sun damage, freckling and scarring. There are various chemical peels available, ranging from the use of just one chemical- like glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid, or a mix of different chemicals. The strength of each chemical solution varies, and they’re categorized into light or superficial peels, and medium or deep peel. The duration and number of treatments required differ with each individual, with results which may long for several months.

Treatments like facelift, brow-lift and facial implants are other available options to treat the skin.

Chemical peel can also be integrated with laser skin resurfacing and Botox, for better results.

Most people believe that Bangalore is an expensive city. But do you know if you look at the right place, you will find the best quality products and services at affordable prices. Your search for low cost chemical peeling in Bangalore ends here at Radiance Medispas. We are one of the renowned skin care clinics in Bangalore that offers a wide range of skin care services include acne scar removal, mole removal, and tattoo removal. We make use of the most advanced techniques in the field to give you the best treatment. Plus, our equipment and treatment techniques are constantly updated to keep in track with the latest developments.

At Radiance Medispas, we have some of the best dermatologist in the city. Our experienced skin care specialists will give you personalized treatment customizing the treatment programs to match your requirement, budget and time. We offer chemical peeling at low cost in Bangalore as we believe that healthy skin and good treatment should be available for everyone irrespective of their budget. Setting up an appointment with us is very easy. Call us, mail us or just fill in the quick appointment pop up banner for chemical peeling at low cost in Bangalore, and we will get back to your at the earliest.

How is it done?

The chemical solution is administered to the required area, which functions to part and “peel” the outer layers of the skin, thus resulting in the elimination of the dead skin cells. Thereafter, the chemical agents begin the healing process, by activating the growth of new skin cells.

However, during the administration of the chemical solution, a cool or warm or hot or a stinging sensation maybe be experienced, lasting for a period of 10 minutes or more.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure requires approximately 15 minutes to complete; with a healing period of one to three weeks.

What should I expect after treatment?

Any type of makeup and contact with direct sunlight is to be avoided for two weeks. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 of higher is to be applied, prior to stepping outside.

Various aspects like an individual’s skin type and peel strength, determine the skin’s reaction to a chemical peel. Breakouts on the skin maybe experienced, during the first two weeks, until the skin is regenerated by the cessation of the recovery period. Any further reactions experienced would be akin to that of sunburns.

Redness and skin peeling can be experienced due to a lighter peel, with blisters and scabs which may co-occur with swelling experienced with a deeper chemical peel.

Cautiousness is to maintained, as the treated skin is extremely prone to injury.

Fine and age-spots experienced during the aging process, will persist over time. Thus, for long term benefits, a maintained chemical peels program is advised.


Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore

I had very rough skin with acne which always decreased my self-confidence. With just 1 session of chemical peels treatment at Radiance Medispas, my skin became clearer and complexion also improved. The chemical peeling cost in Bangalore was also quite affordable.

Chemical Peeling Cost in Bangalore

I have been struggling with melasma for many years and I was desperate to try anything which would improve the discoloration of my skin. I tried chemical peels treatment in Bangalore at Radiance Medispas and the stubborn spots finally faded.


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