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Psoriasis is a type of skin condition in which growth of skin cells is quicker than usually. The quick growth of skin cells results into White/red colour, small or big patches on the skin. Usual time taken for a new skin cell to grow on body is a month, new skin cell grown takes the place of the topmost layer of the skin as and when it is removed.

Psoriasis situations lead to growth of skin cells in few days and not in weeks. The consequence is a thick skin layer on the top. It is medically termed as Plaque. Plaques do not have any particular shape or size. It usually appears on hands or feet, elbows and knees. If the Psoriasis get worse then it can lead to joint Inflammation known as Psoriatic Arthritis.


Psoriasis is mostly seen among adults but in some cases, it might occur in Kids as well. Doctors are unable to provide any particular reason for occurrence of Psoriasis but it can occur due to trigger in the immune system, flaky skin or inflammation.


As there is no specific reason causing Psoriasis, there is no specific treatment for the same. The only way Psoriasis can be tackled is by suppressing the symptoms- skin inflammation and flakiness.


For mild Psoriasis, patients can go for a cream or ointment available in the market, keeping skin moisturized and not dry. There are some kind of oils and shampoos available to treat mild psoriasis. If Psoriasis is severe, consult a Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas and on his/her prescription take medications like Cortisteroids, Anthralin and Methotrexate. These medicines also have certain side effects damaging sufferer’s liver or kidney, which is why only in the severe cases, these medicines are prescribed.

UVA/UVB Light therapy:

In the light therapy, Ultraviolet A or Ultraviolet B is used to expose for the affected area. The therapy is taken in multiple sittings to fully treat the affected area. If the Ultra violet is done along with Calcipotriene medicine then it is said to be more effective.UVA treatment provides better results than UVB but it is said that UVB therapy is safer than UVA.


Biologics are also a type of medication which is like the proteins built in our body. Biologics are helpful in blocking the substance triggering Psoriasis. Biologics is advisable and useful for patients who are not able to take any other treatment. Biologics are equally effective but may have some side effects.


  • Try to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Do not scratch your skin out of desire to itch because it can worsen Psoriasis.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking because drinking and smoking can flare up the symptoms of Psoriasis and make it last for a long time. Take care that you do not catch up with any other skin infection because that can make Psoriasis appear out of nowhere.
  • Do not remain in too hot or too cold weather.

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