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Vascular Conditions

Clear Scan

For your vascular Conditions Doctor will be taking care of it by performing Clear Scan. This allows the doctor to get minute details for treating your vessels, capillaries that are broken and spider veins of the skin by performing laser therapy. As per your skin condition, doctor would perform the treatment.

Using Clear Scan and its Results

Clear Scan is used by the Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas to bring back your original skin tone and the skin colour. Whatever broken vessels and capillaries are there, the doctor would softly remove it from the top layer of your skin. The vessels, which are undesirable, would be burnt using the Intense Light beam, which would make it unnoticeable.

vascular conditions

vascular conditions

Vascular Conditions which can be cured

There are many vascular conditions affecting your skin but they can also be treated with proper guidance of the doctor. The conditions, which can be cure, are-

• Skin Redness
• Rosacea
• Veins on the face
• Broken Capillaries
• Spider Veins
• Discoloration of the skin

Affected area

Vascular conditions are mostly affected on face, hands or feet, neck or chest area. Generally, all of these affected areas can be treated with Clear Scan technique.

Time to Recover

Vascular conditions treatment differs from the condition a person is suffering with. The time to recover depends on what treatment is advised. Mostly there is not much of a downtime and the patient can start his/her daily activities immediately. It may happen that your skin would get red after the treatment is over. Along with the redness the heat sensation would also occur due to the laser light absorbing into the undesired vessels. The time for the treatment may be up to half an hour depending on how much skin area is affected.

Any Signs of Discomfortness?

There is very little or almost no sign of Discomfort during or after the treatment. But then it differs from person to person. Doctors at Radiance Medispas do not use Anaesthesia for the treatment and discuss in detail if any discomfort found after the treatment. As per the research, it is observed that there has been no discomfort after the treatment in the long run.

After-effects of the treatment

After the treatment is over you may find that your skin would turn pink but it would be back to normal in sometime. Whichever Skin vessels were destroyed in the treatment that would be absorbed again by the body via cleansing process after some time. The broken capillaries would not be visible after the treatment as they are heated, burnt and removed containing no blood.

Aftercare of the treatment

In such type of treatments after care is very necessary. Properly follow whatever the Doctor has advised. The doctor may prescribe skin care products and explain you how to use them, which should be followed diligently. As Laser treatments are done, the skin would be very sensitive to direct exposure of the sun. Use sunscreen lotions and cover your face and body as much as possible whenever you go outside. This has to be done for few days to fully treat your vascular conditions.


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