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Rashes are very common among every Human being and are faced several times throughout ones lifetime. A rash can be described as small red, itchy Bumps like blisters appearing onto the skin changing the colour and texture of the skin. It may and may not be painful. Rashes can occur at any part of the body and can be spread to other body parts too.


Symptoms for all types of Rash may be similar which Includes:-

  • Skin getting Red
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Bumps on the skin
  • Skin Inflammation


Rashes can occur due to various reasons. The symptoms are almost same for all type of rashes and so it is very difficult to cure it. Some of the reasons of Rashes are-

Contact with Dermatitis:

The term refers to coming in contact with something, which in response triggers and irritates the skin. Rashes tend to occur within 2 days of the contact of the particular substance. These substances widely include day-to-day things like bathing soap, washing soaps, deodrants or perfumes, jewellery etc. Generally rash occurs due to coming in contact with rash causing substance to the particular area.

Impetigo Bacteria:

One of the most common bacteria resulting into Rash is Impetigo. Impetigo is caused due to strep germs. It usually affects kids and can be contagious. Adults are not much prone to Impetigo. The symptom in Impetigo is appearance of little blisters or glands getting swollen in the nearby area of the rash. It is not dangerous and heals on its own.

Viral infections:

Some of the known viral infections are Chicken pox and Herpes, which are communicable. They are red in colour and are more itchy spreading through the body. Such vial rashes can cause nausea and coughing to the patient. They last for around a week and disappear on their own.

Other Skin Infections:

Rash can occur due to other skin conditions like Hives, Acne and Eczema. Certain Fungal and bacterial infections also lead to rashes.


There is no such specific treatment for Rash as most of the rashes subside on their own. However, the itchiness can be controlled by taking several therapies. The treatment of rash would not be to erase the rash but would be to avoid the symptoms causing the Rashes. Dermatologists at Radiance Medispas suggest:-

  • Infected persons can use Creams to be applied on the rash and nearby area to avoid the desire of itching. Ointments can also be used after doctor’s consultation and to be regularly applied till the rash is gone.
  • If the situation is getting worse then consult a Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas. If doctor suggest to use antibiotics then use it under his guidance.
  • There are various anti Itching creams easily available in the market.

Preventive measures

Usually there can nothing be done to prevent Rashes. It may appear and disappear on its own. However, yes it can be avoided if certain things are kept in mind.

  • Always protect your skin from direct exposure to any skin irritating substance.
  • Avoid coming in contact with the things to which you are allergic.

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