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Fungus is a common skin disease among all, happening at any stage of life. Fungus are single or multiple organisms, which causes infection in the skin. The infection is generally seen among healthy or Immune-compromised people. Very common Fungi, Yeast is present in every human being’s body but as and when the yeast level rise it leads to infection. It usually is infected on the top most layer of the skin. There is not any particular area where Fungus can appear. Various types of fungus can appear on various part of the body.


  • Rashes
  • Itchy skin
  • Blisters
  • Skin Irritation


Fungus can be caused by various reasons. It includes certain medical treatment too. The factors leading to the cause of Fungi bacteria includes-


Antibiotics and certain skin ointments like Cortisteroids reduce the bacteria level in the skin triggering Fungi to pop on the skin. Such skin ointments are used to cure various other skin problems but they can decrease immune reactions giving a favourable environment for Fungi to grow.

Medical Conditions:

When a person is having Diabetes or any sort of cancer, there are more chances of him/her in being contact with Fungus. Fungi is seen growing among the persons who have weak immune systems. A person who goes through Chemotherapy frequently or treatments for AIDS and similar diseases are seen to have much more Fungi complaints than a normal Human being does.

Other Environmental Reasons:

Fungus grows in moist surroundings. Sweat is one such factor, which increase the Fungi leading to skin infection.


Fungi can be caused due to genetical factors. Whenever such person comes in contact to infectious conditions he/she would be disposed to fungal infections.


Tinea Pedis:

This type of Fungi is faced by almost every person once in their life. It generally occurs in between the toes with skin being white and sweaty allowing the peeling of the skin easily. The top surface of such skin infection may be dry and red. Tiny pedis occurs usually under hot conditions especially if shoes are regularly worn without socks.

Tnnea Cruris:

Tnnea Cruris is caused amidst Hot and moist environment, which is basically Tinea Pedis plus low level of circulation because of tight clothing on that particular area. Such Fungi is painful, as a person would have excessive desire for itching and burning sensation. Skin redness and Flaky are the usual symptoms.


Such fungi infections are identified as Brown and red colour itchy skin occurring in the skin folds such as underarms, rectal area and under the breast area. These fungi also causes Vaginal Infections.


Anti fungal creams are the most common treatment for the Fungi, which can be easily available at the medical store. If the problem prolongs and is severe, you can consult the Dermatologist at Radiance Medispas. The cream needs to be applied several times in a day on the infected area and for several months to be treated completely.

Preventive Measures

• Always go for loose fitting clothes, which are clean and dry. Cotton is preferred in hot and humid atmosphere.

• Avoid sharing of combs, towels as there are certain fungus leftover of the used person.

• Do not use same shoe everyday and try to have alternate pairs to avoid getting toe and other areas fungi infected.

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