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Wrinkle Reduction:

High beam UV lights are used to form a thermal tissue injury on the skin making the healing of the skin at a quick pace. Ablative and Non-Ablative laser are used in such kind of laser treatment for reducing the wrinkles caused because of age or due to skin damaging. The Fibroblasts present in the skin creates a new collagen helping to pump up the skin and improving the skin imperfections on the face. The Wrinkle reduction procedure is carried out by Radiance Medispas doctor for the same wherein the skin collagen rejuvenates making the acne scars, wrinkles to reduce and soften the skin. It is few minutes’ process without any feel of pain or discomfort. It is to be remembered that the patient must not expect the skin to be perfect or achieve the correction fully after the treatment but they can expect to see the improvement in their skin tone and texture.

wrinkle reduction wrinkle reduction


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