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Spider Vein Removal:

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Spider Veins are very thin similar to a thread like veins which are on the outer skin layer appearing to be either red or purple in color. These threadlike veins are not necessary to have connected lines like a spider but they usually do have connected lines looking like a sunburn.

These type of Spider veins generally appear on the face or feet but can appear anywhere in the body in some of the cases. They are not considered dangerous or harmful to health but the person suffering from the same may feel sting bite feeling, burning sensation and some painful aches if the condition lasts long.


Among the various reasons leading to Spider veins are-

  • Hormonal change in the body
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Increase in Weight
  • Oral Contraception

Laser Treatment

Technology has advanced so much that any type of skin condition can be treated. The high beam treatment using Laser is one such effective method for treating spider veins. The process for the treatment begins with applying laser to the affected area making the blood cell warm and clotted which then allows closing of the vein leaving the surrounded skin intact. As the skin would heal, the body would let the closed vein out naturally fading those spider vein spots gradually.

Number of sittings for Laser treatment

It solely depends on the patient condition for how many sittings the treatment would continue. Basically, the patient needs around 1 to 3 sittings, which should ideally be done each with a gap of 2 months. The treatment helps to eliminate the infected blood vessels completely. Laser treatment is one such treatment, which would improve your skin condition but cannot be treated fully as it cannot prevent from development of any new skin veins.

Post Treatment

After the laser treatment, the patient might have a very tiny bump on the skin, which would fade away quickly within a day. The treated area can be swollen and appear to be red for a couple of days. The swelling and the redness will disappear after that. Over a period of time skin pigmentation changes can be seen, generally darkness of the skin but that would be back to normal in sometime. Doctors at Radiance Medispas advice patients to not have direct exposure to sun after the treatment for at least a week. It is because the high light beams treated into the body may react causing side effects on the skin of the patient. Also, if the patient steps out in the sun, ensure applying sunscreen so as to avoid any chance of relapse of the Spider vein skin condition.

Any traces of Discomfort after the treatment?

There is not much of discomfort and pain after the treatment and the patient can be back to his/her routine life immediately. Yes, the final effect of the treatment could not be seen immediately and will take several weeks but patients are satisfied with the apparent results.


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